Well-being from Head2Toe


Ayurvedic Massage

The Sanskrit meaning of Ayurveda is ‘the science of life and longevity’. It is the oldest traditional healing system practised in India. The Ayurvedic massage practised at ‘Room 2 Heal’ predominantly works on the lymphatic system of the body, helping the kidneys to flush out toxins. It is healing, soothing and relaxing, without the need for hard or forceful pressure. Harder pressure can be used if preferred, but it is not necessary to transfer the benefits to the lymphatic system. Traditionally, sesame oil is used for this massage technique. ‘Room 2 Heal’ only uses certified organic sesame oil, and certified organic grapefruit cream for the feet and face. Also, using Young Living Essential Oils where required.

Emotional Cleaning

This therapy is based on an ancient Egyptian ceremony practiced by Pharaohs and High Priests in Egypt. It is done in silence using between 13 to 16 specific Young Living Essential Oils and is very effective for moving struck energy or suppressed emotions. This therapy is powerful and gentle without the need for counselling.

Vision Quest

Vision Quest is a term used by native cultures when a person is seeking direction and answers in life. By using 12 to 16 specifically selected Young Living Essential Oils you are able to release issues you don’t want in your life and attract the things you do want. It is done to a melodic drumming music, which helps with the journey. Great for people who are ready for change.

Essential Spinal Massage

This therapy uses Young Living Essential Oils, gently applied up the spine. Especially formulated to bring balance and harmony to the back and the whole body, this is both soothing and relaxing.

Chakra Balancing

Chakras are energy centres of the body, which can be affected by stress, suppressed emotions and illness. By the anointing of Young Living Essential Oils on these energy centres they are able to spin again and bring balance back to the body. This therapy is normally done in silence and is very relaxing and healing.

Essential Reflexology

Foot reflexology using Young Living Essential Oils.

Essential Oils

As part ofl the therapies done at ‘Room 2 Heal’, Young Living essential oils are used. They are very pure, therapeutic grade oils. We are not aware of, nor have we used any other oils that can match their purity or potency.