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The Sanskrit meaning of Ayurveda is ‘the science of life and longevity’. It is the oldest traditional healing system practised in India More


Foot reflexology has been practised for thousands of years, dating back to ancient Egypt, evidenced by pictures on temple walls More


Ear candles are a hollow tube made from either beeswax, soy or paraffin. The small end is put into the outer ear canal More


The therapeutic massage practised at ‘Room 2 Heal’ is a culmination of years of practice using a variety of techniques More


The Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique is based on an ancient Egyptian Ritual More


The Raindrop technique was formulated by Dr. Gary Young (Founder of Young Living Essential Oils), from a tradition practiced by Native Americans More

Well-being from head2toe

At Room2Heal, your personal health and well-being is in Grant James’ hands. His passion for holistic therapy is driven by his own personal experience relating to injury trauma. He has made it his profession to understand what the body needs to heal itself and put that knowledge and experience into practice.


Getting 2 Know Grant James

After being critically injured in a motorcycle accident in 1993, Grant found that natural therapies offered him more than modern medicine alone. Grant believes there is a time and a place for pharmaceutical drugs and surgery, but they only work or heal up to a point, and that started him on his journey of self-discovery and how a person heals from major trauma.

 “Although the Western medical system put me back together, it didn’t help me get to the level of fitness and well-being I was searching for.”

I can officially say I am very lucky to have had three Vision Quest healing/massage sessions

The newly developed technique that Grant uses is unquestioningly outstanding and has worked incredibly well for me. Each session is individually designed to what my body needs, spiritually, emotionally and physically to remove tension, stress and blockages that my body is holding onto.

During my session Grant sets the tone and atmosphere with music that effectively relaxes, yet takes me on a journey that I find not wanting to end. Yet this is only that start of the healing.   Immediately following each session I have found myself focused, relaxed, content and very much in tune with myself and I will be returning for many more sessions.

I highly recommend anyone to see Grant, his approach is very professional, yet caring and honest.

Jo GarnerInSYNC Bioresonance Therapist & Holistic Health Coach